Teen AIDS Task Force


young high school male studentYoung people have a lot of questions about sex and need honest answers. The Teen AIDS Task Force (TATF) provides answers to those questions as well as a safe place to talk about important decisions.

Established in 1992, Teen AIDS Task Force is all about peer leadership.  TATF is an adolescent driven, peer education initiative that equips youth and young adults with the information and skills needed to understand and prevent HIV/STDs while promoting positive behavioral change and sexual health. 

TATF works with youth and young adults ages 9-22.  TATF provides comprehensive HIV/STD prevention education, giving youth and young adults lifelong skills needed to practice alternatives to risky behaviors, while promoting positive social development.  TATF educates about the history of AIDS by displaying panels from the AIDS Quilt. TATF youth hold fundraisers to help families who are in need.  Through activities TATF members challenge and inform other teens to address the growing issues facing young people when it comes to HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

ACR Health offers TATF programming in middle and high schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, teen drop in centers, after school activity centers, churches, mental health facilities, and juvenile detention centers.

If you would like to learn more about TATF or set up a TATF chapter, call 1.800.475.2430 or email youth@ACRHealth.org.


30% of teen females used no contraception the first time they had sex.