Sled for RED winners and losers

Sled for Red 2013  RESULTS!!!!

The Sled for RED raised an all time record $26,337.20.

Green Team with Sled


 The Green Team won the Sled for RED competition with a time of 13.1.




Great Broads Team


Great Broads took home two honors - highest fundraising total at $4390.22 - and the Loudest Cheer Team.


Best Costume


Randy of Team Condom Crusaders won best costume.




Law Sharks Motorcycle


The Most Creative Sled category was won by Team Law Sharks form Rabin Law Firm.


Slowest Sled


The s-l-o-w-e-s-t sled was from Team SWAQ with a time of 01:36.2.


Click here to check your team's time.

Thinking about building your own sled and joining the party at the 4th Annual Sled for RED?  Here are the rules.   

Sledding Derby Rules
Only regular cardboard, duct tape, masking tape, scotch tape and paint may be used to construct the cardboard sleds.
Only corrugated cardboard may be used - no industrial pressed cardboard, no plastics of any kind.
Sled can't be wrapped in plastic material.
Sleds must have a front, rear, bottom, and two sides.
No wood, glue, industrial adhesives, staples, ropes, twine or wire will be permitted on the sled.
Keep designs family-friendly.  No profanity.

How to Build a Sled
Step 1:
Determine which materials you need for your sled.
Make a plan.  Create a simple blueprint or drawing of what you would like.  For something simple, use a rectangular piece of corrugated cardboard with a rounded front. Include an extra layer of cardboard at the base to increase durability and longevity Have Fun!  Pick something wild or goofy!
Step 2: Collect corrugated cardboard, duct tape, scissors, and any decorations you want to use to personalize your sled.  Try to gather like cardboard: thickness, etc.  When you think you have enough tape, triple the amount!
Step 3: Cut your cardboard according to your new blueprint and try to make the edges as clean and straight as possible. Choose a piece with a rounded edge for the top front of the cardboard. Using a design that includes folding the cardboard could weaken the overall construction of your sled, just keep that in mind.
Step 4: Add sides by cutting out cardboard pieces that match the length of your sled. Make them as high as you wish and attach using tape and reinforce with more duct tape. You can also include a roof and make a any car, spaceship, Bat mobile, or design you would like.
Step 5: Get creative!  Paint and tape it up to your very own specifications, and dream!
Step 6: Use decorations such as emblems, logos, glitter, or stickers to personalize your sled. Don’t forget to decorate your pilot’s helmet and find a fun costume for him or her!



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