Human Resources

Message from the Director

ACR Health is a not-for-profit agency that provides educational services and support services on the topics of HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.  This agency is dedicated to bringing awareness of these diseases to the communities we serve.  Through prevention networking and support services, the agency aims to prevent the spread of HIV, an incurable disease; assist those already affected; and provide those with chronic diseases connections needed for better healthcare. 

We currently employ 100 people, and are fortunate to have a very strong and committed base of volunteers.  Each is comfortable with the discussion of HIV/AIDS and other related topics.  Our everyday activities include a wide variety of interactions with a very diverse base of employees, peers, volunteers and clients. 

The first thing I recognized, as an employee, is the welcoming environment.  The agency gives the sense of belonging from day one throughout all levels of staff.  The people of ACR  Health are dedicated to the agency’s mission, and strive to impact as many groups and clients as possible.  Those of us that dedicate our time and efforts are not simply here for a paycheck, but rather the bigger picture of making a difference in our communities.                                                                

                                                                    Colleen Donohue 


HIV was the third leading cause of death of Black women ages 25-44 (2006).